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About Left Handed Compound Bow

Southpaw archers, rejoice. A left-handed compound bow is a powerful weapon that is modified to you, rather than you having to modify your body to a right-handed bow. Suited for use in target and performance archery, these bows may also be suited for hunting in areas where the sport is legal. There are many types of Bowtech left-handed compound bows, although the median model boasts a respectable 40 to 50-pound draw. The Diamond left-handed compound bow is a powerful tool with a draw that spans 13 to 30 inches, depending on the archer's strength, and a top flight speed of 308 feet per second once the arrow has been loosed at full draw. With these bows, you can hone your precision and aim while also getting in touch with your body and learning valuable skills related to repetition and muscle memory, and the workout is not inconsiderable either. You can find a left-handed compound bow in the vast inventory of outdoor survival supplies and hunting equipment on eBay.

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