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About LED Matrixes

You have important things to say, messages to relate, art to share, and you need ? as they say on Broadway ? to "see it in lights." LED matrix displays enable you to send your message or create interactive designs and art with ease. Explore the extensive selection of LED matrix modules in varying sizes, drivers, kits, and other accessories offered by the reliable sellers on eBay. Select LED matrix accessories from fine manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Kingbright, and Lite-On, and are compatible with programming like Arduino and Raspberry. Select an LED matrix display in assorted sizes and color output, like a full color 8x8 RGB LED dot display module, a bi-color, 10-piece LED display module, or a 5x7 single-color LED matrix unit board. Customize your equipment and programming to suit your specific needs with driver modules, shields, and chips. Choose from a large selection of durable items, like a dot matrix board HT1632C driver chip with 16-segment PWM brightness control, a Colorduino V2.0 matrix RGB LED driver shield, or a Colors Shield RGB LED dot-matrix driver shield. Light up your world.