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About LED Light Therapy

If you want your skin to look plumper and more radiant, or would like to have fewer breakouts, LED light therapy offers a non-invasive treatment that can achieve these positive effects and more. Although many professional spas offer these kinds of therapeutic treatments, you can do them at home with supplies you can find by browsing through the vast inventory on eBay. One of the advantages of LED blue light therapy is it can kill bacteria, making it a good solution for acne-sufferers. Some devices use both light and heat to improve the way skin looks, and they reach the proper temperature and light intensity in minutes. You can find handheld battery-operated models, as well as huge LED lamps that you can sit under. Since the devices do not emit UVA or UVB rays, you can rest assured that they do not involve the same risks as tanning beds do. LED red light therapy, another way to use LED light, can improve circulation and boost collagen production. Some products are large enough to bathe the whole face and neck in a reddish glow, which is helpful if you want to do more than just target specific spots. LED light therapy is an option to consider if you want to be proactive about improving your skin, but are not ready to resort to plastic surgery or injections.

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