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When you're driving off-road nothing cuts through the night like an LED light bar across the top of your cab. Pick one up on eBay, along with all the other parts and accessories your truck needs. Shop for some auto tools while you're at it.

About LED Light Bars

Zooming over and around sand dunes just seems so much more fun at night than during the day, but when you are in your vehicle at night, safety should be your number one priority. LED light bars offer much brighter light at a much farther distance than headlights can provide, so you can see more of what is around you while you are off-road driving at night. Off-road LED light bars range from dual lights to single bars measuring 50 inches and up, with wattage ranging from 18 to 126 watts. Light bars are not universal, so you will need to choose an option that is compatible with your vehicle. Rigid is one of the first companies to produce LED light bars, and the company prides itself on continuing to advance the technology available to consumers. Rigid LED light bars are used by many different vehicles for a variety of applications on top of off-road applications, including by emergency vehicles and farm equipment. The sellers on eBay offer a large selection of Rigid and other brands of LED light bars in new and used condition, so you can find the light bar that will best meet your needs and intended applications.

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