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About LED Icicle Lights

Whether you live in a chilly, snow-covered locale or somewhere that hasn't ever seen winter weather, consider LED icicle lights for a festive winter look. These decorative lights, shaped like icicles instead of ordinary bulbs, dazzle with radiant light and are available on eBay. For a real showstopper, consider LED multi-color icicle lights. The bright lights glimmer in shades of teal blue, crimson red, forest green, silver, canary yellow, and more. Small, powerful bulbs create shimmering, glowing lights within. You can look for lights in long or short strings, holding between 10 and 70 lights each. Brands like Gemmy package lights in boxes, making holiday decorating easy. Simply display lights, then store them in boxes for next year. As with regular bulbs, some LED icicle lights emit steady, unwavering light, while others change color, create entertaining light shows. For a conservative decoration, consider white or blue LED icicle lights. Shaped like icicles, these lights emit recognizable cool colors, creating a softer and elegant decorative look. Regardless of color, these lights enjoy long lifespans, thanks to LED bulbs. Deck the halls and win your neighborhood decorating contest this season.