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About LED Dome Light

If you have ever spent a dismal half hour feeling along the mucky carpet of your car trying to find something important that you dropped, it may be time to upgrade your auto lighting. LED dome lights have become the lighting of choice for auto manufacturers, and car owners love them for the brilliant illumination they provide in the deepest night. LEDs are popular because of their low power requirements: no more draining the battery while trying to read the map at the rest stop. They also illuminate faster than incandescent lights do, so you have light when you need it. Interior LED dome lights hook up easily to your car's 12-volt battery, and you can find kits that include all the interior lights for your vehicle, including map lights and trunk lights. Marine LED dome lights are watertight for humid conditions, which is perfect for RVs and boats. Safety is an important factor when camping or fishing at night, and proper lighting goes a long way in accident prevention. Find a vast selection of LED fixtures for your auto, camper, or boat on eBay, including LED dome lights, running lights, and safety lights.