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About LED Candles

You just lit your favorite candle, only to sigh in frustration as the flame flickers twice then goes out again. An LED candle provides a steady flame so that you do not have to fumble around for matches or try to shelter the candle just to keep the flame going. If the thought of LED window candles conjures an image of a bright light and hospital-like white hue, you will be pleased to know that these candles are stylish and functional and look just like traditional candles on the outside. When it comes to safety, an LED candle also has an advantage over a traditional one. If you find yourself dozing off on the couch, it is much easier to use a handy LED candle remote to shut the candle down for the night, rather than having to get up and blow the flame out. With eBay's convenient shipping options and reliable sellers, you do not even have to wait in line for your product.

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