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About Leather Crafts

A favorite summer camp memory is making those great leather craft projects. The wallet with the plastic lanyard looped around the edges, or the bookmark for mom were always good fun. Now that you are older, you can make some much nicer items, with the same amount of love behind them. To get yourself started, you need the appropriate leather craft tools. Some of the important ones to start with are a good utility knife for cutting and trimming the leather into the correct shape, a set of punches to cut uniform holes and other shapes into the leather, and collection of leather stamps. These are used to press different shapes and patterns into the soft leather, making a permanent mark. Investing in a set of alphabet letter stamps is a good first step as well. All these tools, and even pieces of leather to use for your leather craft projects, are available from reliable sellers on eBay. They have the inventory you need to start getting crafty with leather.