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About League of Legends Skin

You always hit the ground running in Summoner's Rift, trading fierce blows and mighty spells with the champions and monsters of the multiverse. A "League of Legends" skin customizes the appearance of your own in-game avatar, sharpening your signature in the game world and making sure that while you keep taking heads, you also turn them. These skins are preconfigured for the various champions, transforming fierce yetis into Santa Claus and armored battle maidens into surfer warriors. There are also special releases, such as the "League of Legends" PAX skin released yearly at the Penny Arcade Expo. Riot Games "League of Legends" skins take what is already a colorful world and increases the visual distinction of the characters that people it. You can play as Jinx, chain gun-wielding mistress of destruction, or you can up the ante and transform her into a high-rolling flapper gun moll dripping with 1920s charm simply by using a "League of Legends" skin. You can buy these custom reskin packages on eBay, where sellers offer access to the full gamut of custom skins.