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About Lead Crystals

Many people enjoy the glistening appeal and luxury feel of using lead crystal. George Ravenscroft invented this type of glass in the 1600s, and it was originally called flint glass. Many collectors enjoy finding antique lead crystal vases, plates, figurines, and more, from hundreds of years ago. To make this type of crystal, lead oxide is added to molten glass before it is blown or molded. This makes it more difficult to mold, but softer and easier to cut into facets that sparkle more than regular glass. Lead crystal contains anywhere from 24 to 33 percent lead. You should not store food in lead crystal because the lead will leach into the food over time. However, it is safe to serve food and drinks in lead crystal glasses and other containers, as long as the food does not contact the lead crystal for more than a few hours. Wash the crystal before using it to reduce the risk even more. You can use the reliable sellers on eBay to find beautiful lead crystal that will be perfect for your special occasions for years to come.