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About Le Creuset

When you look at your cast iron pots and pans, you may think, "Boy are these useful, but man are they ugly." The designers at Le Creuset came up with a Dutch oven, for example, which doesn't have to be an eyesore among your other stylish kitchen appliances. The company coats its quality cast iron cookware in durable enamel that comes in a rainbow of attractive colors, including the brand's signature fiery orange. On the night of your big dinner party, you can bake your casserole, sweat your stew or roast your vegetables, and then place the meal directly onto the table without worrying about transferring it to another more attractive serving platter. While Le Creuset has ventured into the realm of nonstick, stainless steel and silicone cookware, it is best known for its trademark-enameled cast iron. All the company's cast iron products are manufactured in the same French town where the brand began in 1925. Each piece of cast iron passes under the scrutinizing eyes of 15 finishing professionals, who together perform a 12-point quality control inspection so that products meet the company's rigorous standards and customer expectations. All its cast iron cookware, except those with wooden handles, is dishwasher safe. It's best to clean the cookware with water and a mild cleaning agent to keep the enamel looking bright. Additionally, Le Creuset cast iron does not require seasoning before first use. The company strives to remain true to its roots while incorporating advances in technology to create a brand with Old World charm and modern convenience.

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