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About Lawn Sweepers

The rake might be a quaint, time-honored gardening tool, but the sores it leaves on your hands after a morning of yard work are far from charming. Lawn sweepers take the blood and blisters out of lawn care, allowing you to collect all the leaves, branches, and other detritus from your yard with far less manual labor. A push sweeper rolls on two wheels with a brush between them. As you move the apparatus across your lawn, leaves and clippings sweep into the bag for easy disposal. Some models connect to your lawn mower so you do not have to power the forward momentum. Depending on the size of your property, you might consider lawn sweepers designed to work with riding lawn mowers. Alternatively, consider an Agri-fab sweeper that hooks up to an ATV or tractor. When making your selection, consider not only the size of your yard, but also the obstacles in the way. Since sweepers come in several widths, you might need a narrower brush for tight corners in your yard, such as between flowerbeds. Consider other attachments for your sweeper, such as dethatchers, which remove unsightly thatch and encourage healthy growth. The vast inventory of lawn sweepers on eBay offers several options for maintaining a beautiful lawn.