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About Lawn Chairs

Relaxing on the patio, lounging in lawn chairs on a lazy summer night is a tradition for many families. Who can forget the way the smell of BBQ wafts through the air, as the lightning bugs flash and children giggle while dusk settles over the neighborhood? Memories are built around campfires, exchanging stories and relaxing together, and with its aluminum frame and the familiar, brightly colored nylon webbing, a folding lawn chair is a part of most childhood memories. Foldable, light, and durable, the portable seats accompanied families to beaches, campgrounds, and backyard pool parties all summer long. Memories are bound up in the vintage lawn chair, available from reliable eBay sellers. Replace a worn seat with rolls of the ubiquitous webbing to keep an old chair alive a bit longer. Whether you?re pitching a tent in the back yard or traveling across the country to an exotic camping destination, chances are that lawn chairs are an important part of the family memories you?re creating.