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About Lavalier Microphone

Whether you are speaking to a large crowd or appearing in a national broadcast channel, you can express yourself more by not having to hold a microphone. A lavalier microphone, or a lapel mic, is a conveniently small microphone that you clip onto your shirt or blouse and hide the wiring inside of your clothing, so can talk and move naturally without the burden of a regular microphone. The lapel microphone allows you to make a point with the help of hand gestures since your hands are free. To make speaking or entertaining more convenient, there is a wireless lavalier microphone that allows you to move around the stage and, in the words of professional speakers and entertainers, work the crowd. There are many brands to choose from when shopping for this type of microphone. A Sony lavalier microphone is one trusted brand that provides clear and distinct sound as you speak or sing. The Sony ECM-55b, for example, boasts a 30 to 18,000 Hz frequency response for better audio output. Buy a new or pre-owned lavalier microphone on eBay and make sure you get a quality microphone by purchasing from a reliable seller. Express yourself more with this convenient microphone.