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About Launch Scanner

Car diagnosis and repair that is intuitive and easy does not require a magic wand. The technological magic of a Launch scanner gives you a direct and user-friendly way to assess issues that are going on inside a car and engine. The company's solutions range from basic, hard-wired options to advanced wireless tablets that are as full-featured as your smartphone. Plug into the OBI interface on your car with a Launch OBDII scanner, such as the CReader, to read and clear trouble codes in an instant, as well as view live, graphed data right on the screen. If you want the full enchilada, the Launch X431 Diagun scanner has the user interface of a Windows-based tablet and the powerful RAM needed to run multiple applications at once so that you can perform your diagnostics on most Asian, European, and domestic cars and even compare and assess data on the Internet using Wi-Fi. If you want to make car diagnostics as fun and intuitive as using a tablet or smartphone, then explore the large inventory of Launch scanners on eBay, and introduce some powerful technology to your garage.