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About Latex Gloves

What do chemists, detectives, veterinarians and surgeons have in common? They all use latex gloves. These protective gloves were first used in the medical industry, appearing in surgery rooms around 1890. Chief surgeon William Stewart Halsted at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland, who saw the need to protect medical staff from skin-irritating chemicals and transmittable diseases, invented them. Thanks to Halsted's efforts, thousands of professionals around the world rely on latex gloves to keep their hands clean and safe every day. To accommodate the needs of such a diverse consumer group, these gloves come in many sizes and styles. Long latex gloves, for instance, have longer finger slits and palm areas to fit the hands of larger users. There are also powder free latex gloves, which are ideal for people with sensitive skin or sensitivity to scents and smells. Consumers can find what they need on eBay, which features a large selection of products. When ready to make a purchase, consumers can select one of the many convenient shipping options for a quick delivery.