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About Laser Star Projector

"We are made of stars...," astronomer Carl Sagan's famous statement may explain the connection, curiosity, and interest humans have with the constellations beyond. With a laser star projector, you can bring the universe of stars into your space. Whether stargazing, wishing, or just staring off into space, the mini laser star projector is perfect for children's rooms. More interesting than a simple night light, children can fall asleep under the stars with the security of light, and enjoy the relaxation the stars can evoke. It can also be a learning tool for the aspiring astronomer. You can actually align the compass points based on your location to get an accurate starscape of your particular night sky. The holographic laser star gazer is a unique addition that adds character, magic, and ambiance to any space. Include a holographic laser star projector at an outdoor evening party or reception. During the winter holidays, rotating outdoor projectors can be used outside, illuminating your house with an endless flurry of falling stars. A large selection of laser star projectors is available on eBay.