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About Laser Distance Meter

You have spent the entire day climbing ladders and crawling on the floor, trying to take measurements to order everything you need for your home renovation. Pick up a laser distance meter and do not become worn out before the work has even begun. Laser distance meters let you accurately measure walls and ceilings in any room with just a press of a button, and no one has to hold the other end of the measuring tape. Some Bosch laser distance meters measure up to 820 feet, so you use them for outdoor landscaping projects on large properties. As long as you have something to reflect the laser off, you can get accurate measurements for placing out buildings and purchasing irrigation pipe. The Fluke laser distance meter ranges up to 330 feet, with a sturdy bright yellow casing that is easy to find in a jumbled toolbox, and offers 5,000 hours of battery life. No more need to tangle with measuring tapes, with the vast inventory of laser distance meters on eBay that make planning your projects a breeze.