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About Larry Bird

Known as a team player, Larry Bird, an American professional basketball player and coach, was always willing to pass off the ball if another player had a better opportunity to score. With each new generation of players, there are always one or two considered superstars. For 13 seasons playing with the Boston Celtics, Larry Bird was the player that personified the game as a scorer, passer, a re-bounder and a defender. Self-confident and a master of the psychological game, Mr. Bird would, on occasion use this to his advantage by predicting to the opposing team how many points he would score against them. Find Larry Bird sports memorabilia on eBay both new and previously owned. Among the items are trading cards, posters, jerseys, and autographed photographs. The Larry Bird shoe line is also available in several different styles and types. While no one can promise that wearing his jersey, shoes, or other athletic gear will give you that kind of self-confidence, it sure does not hurt to try.

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