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About Large Picture Frames

Bigger is better, as the saying goes, and that certainly holds true for photographs. Now you can display favorite photos of family and friends with large picture frames. Frames mount on the wall or rest horizontally on desks and tables. Those suitable for wall mounting feature wires for hanging and hold photographs horizontally or vertically. Frames serve aesthetic and functional purposes. They keep photographs out of harm's way, preventing bending, curling, and exposure to the elements by keeping them flat. You can even find some frames with glass or sheer surface covers, adding an eye-catching glow while saving pictures from light and heat. Some frames feature simple, plain designs, while you can find elaborate ones too. With large Victorian picture frames, you can add character to the surrounding decor in an old-fashioned living room. These frames feature gold and brass compositions. They bear beautiful and elaborate swirls, curves, and delicate patterns, capturing the luxurious lifestyle of the Victorian era. You can also display favorite photos in large wood picture frames in sleek, minimal contemporary styles or elaborate designs dating back to the 1800s. These frames, deriving from solid woods like mahogany and oak, make stunning showpieces in homes of various interior styles. On eBay, you can look for large picture frames, searching among a large inventory.