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About Laptop Notebook

For those who want the portability of a laptop, but find that most laptops are a little to large and heavy for their liking, a laptop notebook is often the perfect choice. Sitting somewhere between a tablet and a laptop, a laptop notebook is truly the best of both worlds. These notebooks, also commonly called netbooks, are specialized in what they do. They are perfect for things like word processing, surfing the net, watching videos, and sending emails. While not designed for gaming or processing-intensive programs, they are ideal for all the daily tasks of the average person. They range in size, usually going as small as a 7" mini netbook laptop notebook and going up to around 10" corner to corner. You can also find a laptop notebook with webcam that allows you to do video chat and self portraits. You can find these notebooks on eBay available from many reliable sellers. To find the perfect compromise between size and speed, think about adding one of these innovations to your computer gear.