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About Lapis Lazuli Rings

In the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli was ground into a powder to make the incredibly expensive and beautiful ultramarine dye. Today, lapis lazuli rings and jewelry are still just as prized for their vibrant, exotic shade of blue. The stone itself is a rich brilliant blue with veins of deeper and lighter blue shades as well as gold pyrite. Lapis is considered a semi-precious stone, although that term is misleading in that it does not describe the stone's value. In terms of hardness, lapis lazuli is in the middle of the spectrum, so jewelers must be careful when cutting it. Men's rings often offer the largest stones, since the settings are typically larger to accommodate male hands. Lapis rings are often set in either gold or silver, and either are attractive against the beautiful shades in the stone. Gold picks up the pyrite, while sterling silver plays well against the cool tones of the blue stone. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find lapis lazuli rings in a wide range of styles and sizes to meet any gift-giving need.