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Shop the extensive inventory of motors, parts, accessories, and Lanzar car audio amplifiers!

About Lanzar

You rest back in your seat, letting the deep pulse of the bass swell over you from the back, while the melody rises up effortlessly from beside you. A great car sound system can create a truly immersive experience, and Lanzar makes a full range of items to build a custom setup. You can find everything you need to get started from the reliable sellers on eBay. Check out the range of Lanzar speakers to find subwoofers, mids, and tweeters. You can also pick up stereo speakers to replace the factory speakers in your car. If you go for a custom system, grab a crossover to divide the frequencies for each of your speakers properly. Next, look for a Lanzar Optidrive. These amplifiers are available with varying power levels, as well options like low-pass filters and subsonic filters. You can locate these items in new and used condition, and you can even find refurbished items that work like new. Whether you want to enhance your current stereo setup or dive into a custom sound system, Lanzar products help you hear your music in a whole new way.