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About Lanterns

As you approach the garden, the twinkling lights in the trees remind you of the fairy stories you heard as a child. Well-placed lanterns in your backyard create a magical effect. Paper lanterns in different colors glow and set a warm mood for a party. Celebrate the crisp, beautiful weather with a backyard barbecue and invite the neighbors. Watch the children play under the lights of vintage lanterns that glisten like fireflies. For an old-fashioned wedding, place a candle lantern on each table and let your guests dance in the glow as multiple candles light up the room. Easily customized with candles in your wedding colors, they can be re-used for other occasions. Antique railroad lanterns with glass globes in different colors once signaled oncoming trains. Add some nostalgia to your home by placing a few in display cases. Enjoy a romantic evening with just the fire and the light of a lantern. Find thousands of new and used lanterns offered by reliable sellers on eBay.