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About Lampwork Glass Beads

People first used the heat from oil lamps to make lampwork glass beads in the fifth century. Today, gas powered torches have replaced the lamps, so the beads are often called flameworked instead. Venetian or Murano lampwork glass beads are famous for their gorgeous patterns and deep, intense colors. They are available in delicate shapes like stars, hearts, and flowers. They have been made on the Italian island of Murano since 1291, when the republic of Venice decreed that all glass making activities were to be confined to the island. This was to reduce the risk of fires and make trade secrets easier to preserve. Many of those special techniques are still trademarked by Venetian and Murano glassmakers. With handmade lampwork glass beads, you can show off a beautiful necklace, pendant, or charm bracelet without spending a lot of money. You can use the reliable sellers on eBay to find a great deal on a wide variety of lampwork glass jewelry and beads, and have them shipped directly to your home using one of Convenient shipping options found on eBay.