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About Lamp Sockets

You are enjoying a rainy evening at home when you decide to turn off the lights in your house, and enjoy the warm glow of your bedside lamp as you dive into a new novel. However, as you replace the bulb, an errant twist causes a crack in your lamp socket and subsequently puts an end to your plans for the night. Avoid having this issue in the future by stocking up on replacement lamp sockets. There is a wide selection of different new or used sockets available on eBay, so you do not have to miss another chance to read in bed. Consider a vintage lamp socket with a brass pull chain; it reminds you of a lamp that you saw whenever you visited your grandmother's house as a child. You also have the choice of a 3-way lamp socket to maximize the amount of bulbs you can use in your lamp. Sure, it may be overkill, but with the right lamp shade, it is a perfect addition for your bedroom. When your new lamp socket is delivered, you can once again enjoy the ease of turning off your lamp by your night table.