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About Lalaloopsy

Lalaloopsy dolls bring a hearty helping of whimsy and nostalgia to playtime. Although crafted from plastic and brand new fabric, these dolls feature many of the familiar details of traditional rag dolls, including the look of stitched-on button eyes, yarn-like hair, and patched together clothing. A refreshing deviation from posh and polished fashion dolls, these adorable plushies are decidedly childlike and designed for nothing more than playfulness and fun. Dolls are available in several sizes, from full-size options down to tiny Lalaloopsy Minis, ideal for tucking into brightly colored Lalaloopsy houses designed specifically for the rag doll family. With themed names, such as Frost I.C. Cone and Rosebud Longstem, each doll comes with a distinct birth date and a keen interest or hobby, be it frozen desserts or blooming blossoms. Lalaloopsy clothes reflect the doll's personality and are supposedly made from cast-away items related to the doll's personality, such as rose petals or candy wrappers. Browse the large inventory on eBay to start building your own collection of adorable dolls.