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About Lagenlook

Layer after layer after layer, you build up an outfit that only you could create. Meaning "layered look" in German, Lagenlook is a popular style of dressing in Europe. The Lagenlook Clothing brand offers both style and comfort, with quirky, oversized T-shirts, tanks, shift dresses, and middle layers that are perfect for combining in an original way. The brand also makes accessories and jackets to complete your ensemble. Start with a plain knitted jumper with a ruched side detail over a long skirt, and add a wool layer with lacy hems and cuffs that comes with a scarf. Alternatively, try the two-piece tunic that you can wear as a duo or separately as a top and dress. The main color has a subtle, faded look, while the over-tank has a bold design featuring a flower print. For a top layer, wear a long-sleeve cocoon coat with a knitted texture and asymmetric zipper detail. Whether you want a simple, relaxed look for a lunch date with friends or to hide a few extra curves, you can find layers of Lagenlook Clothing by browsing the vast inventory on eBay.