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About Lady Gaga

You dance around as the music of Lady Gaga blasts through your speakers. As a fan, you own all of her albums and know all of her songs. You pop in the Lady Gaga CD, "Artpop," and listen to "Venus," "G.U.Y" and "ARTPOP." Her other albums fans can own are "The Fame Monster" and "Born This Way." The Fame Monster has tracks ranging from the loud "Bad Romance" to ABBA-like sound on "Alejandro." "Born This Way" has songs such as the disco packed beats in "Marry the Night" and 1980s-inspired music in "Hair." After listening to Lady Gaga, you can dress up as her. You can choose from many costumes based on the singer. The Lady Gaga costume called the Poker Face Video Swimsuit is the bright blue swimsuit with blue gloves that she wore during the music video for "Poker Face." The 2009 Video Music Awards performance costume lets fans wear the outfit she wore during her MTV Video Music Awards appearance of that year. Music fans can purchase both the costumes and albums from the trusted sellers on eBay.