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About Lady Figurines

Walking through Victorian houses, or old Colonial homes, you find a lot of porcelain figurines used as decorations. Porcelain lady figurines were and still are some of the most popular pieces for collectors and lovers of things vintage or retro. Royal Doulton lady figurines are some of the most ornate and collectible of this style. The pieces are finely detailed and the painting is almost flawless. Lenox lady figurines comprise another well-known collection of finely crafted porcelain. Most of these lady figurines retain their value as you pass them down through the generation. Even the older pieces that you might buy or have passed down to you have great detail and value. Most of the women portrayed have long flowing dresses and are in the midst of some action or in a classic pose. There are many of them that are posed with animals, normally birds or dogs are the most classic. No matter what type or style of figure you are looking for, the reliable sellers on eBay offer a great selection.