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About Lady and the Tramp

After seeing Lady and the Tramp, few people ever look at a plate of spaghetti quite the same way again. While not from the most famous section of Disney's film making, the movie remains a much beloved classic in the eyes of several generations. From Tramp's cynical yet insightful comments of people to Lady's steadfast determination to prove herself to her humans, the dogs and their romantic canine adventure appeals to a wide variety of ages. Lady and the Tramp is mostly available on VHS, due to it being one of the most common consumer media types available throughout the film?s lifetime. However, eBay's reliable sellers have capitalized on Disney's touched-up releases of their classics to ensure that the movie is available in other forms as well. A Blu-Ray Lady and the Tramp uses the high definition format to breathe new life into the classic film, returning the colors to the vibrancy they had when they'd just been drawn. Especially that iconic plate of spaghetti.

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