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About Ladies Hats

Women's hats have long been loved accessories. Many have mourned the fashion changes in the 1970s when women's hats seemed to fall out of favor in the fashion world. There has always been a contingent of quiet hat lovers, and they have seen their numbers growing since the wedding of the fashionable Kate Middleton and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Female guests at the wedding sported the "fascinator" style among others that have intrigued people around the globe. Since the wedding, many have taken note of the charming hats of the royal bride. Milliners of the past set classic women's hat fashion and when you don a women's vintage hat, heads are likely to turn in your direction. Maybe you want to pay homage to the 1950s with a platter style hat, or reflect the elegance of Jackie Kennedy with a demure pillbox style. Vintage hats offer a world of fun in wearing and collecting them. Women's straw hats are ever in demand. These run the gamut from a simple straw hat with a wide brim to keep the head cool and shaded, to more varied and decorative types seen at the Kentucky Derby. These woven delights are available in simple beach hats, chic fedoras, cowboy, wide, floppy brimmed, and vintage varieties. Whether you want to find a pre-loved saucy little fascinator, or a new airy, romantic straw style, find miles of millinery sold by reliable sellers on eBay.