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About Ladders

The ladder: the bane of acrophobes everywhere. "Don't look down," you tell yourself every time you scale the rungs to complete your latest project. Whether you're painting the walls in your favorite room and adding some crown molding, or redoing the siding on your home, odds are at some point you're going to need a ladder—but what type? Having the proper ladder is paramount to getting those pesky do-it-yourself jobs in hard-to-reach places done properly. For most interior jobs, a folding ladder, which opens to resemble a letter "A," is probably all that is called for. You may be even be able to get by with a relatively small step ladder, which is useful for reaching high up cabinets and more as well. But outside jobs may be better served by a telescoping ladder, which extends when in use and collapses into a much smaller piece of gear when not needed. eBay sellers have new and used ladders for you to choose from, with heights to reach any space in or outside your home. The trick will be getting back down after the job is done.