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About Lacrosse Stick

The energy rises from the field as the players race for the net, the defensemen pushing and bumping the forward away as he throws the ball and the goalie lunges to knock it aside. Played with lacrosse sticks and balls, lacrosse is traditional to the Americas and the Haudenosaunee, also known as the Iroquois. First recorded by missionary Jean de Brebeuf in 1637 in what is now New York State, lacrosse was a spiritual experience for the 100 to 1,000 warriors who played on each team. Played with 10 players per team on a field or six players per team in an arena, the modern version of lacrosse is fast-paced and is growing in popularity. Whether you are seeking a new or used lacrosse stick, helmet, or set of goalie pads, reliable sellers on eBay provide a wide range of lacrosse gear. You can find lacrosse goalie sticks, long or short men's lacrosse sticks, or junior-sized gear, and the photographs and descriptions provide details about the condition of the equipment. The convenient shipping options make it easy to order and receive your gear in time for another weekend game of lacrosse.