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About Lacrosse Shaft

You're in the heat of a lacrosse match fending off another player, and your stick breaks. Holding a broken lacrosse shaft is a nightmare scenario for most players, but it does happen. Thankfully, you can find replacement lacrosse equipment when you shop on eBay. Reliable sellers offer your choice of defense sticks and attack shafts. Attack sticks are ideal for short and fast moves, while longer defense sticks can block shots or throw checks, in addition to extending the player's reach. While you will find some models use wood, a titanium shaft is lightweight and strong. You can also find composite sticks made from carbon, or aluminum ones. Pair it with a Lacrosse head and net that suits your playing style for the ultimate tool, or consider buying an already-assembled piece. Once you have a new lacrosse shaft, you'll be ready to handle the rough and tumble that is the game of lacrosse.