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About Lacrosse - Sporting Goods

A bit like ice hockey, minus the ice, but definitely including the same level of aggression?Lacrosse is a fun team game that has been around for centuries. Lacrosse may come from France, but there is very little that is delicate about this sport. So, if the idea of running around whacking a little rubber ball with a stick (a Lacrosse stick) sounds like something you?d enjoy doing in your spare time?Lacrosse could be the sport for you. With a wide range of Lacrosse equipment available from reliable sellers on eBay including protective helmets, pads and gloves that wouldn?t look out of place on an astronaut, balls, clothing and obviously sticks; you can indulge in your latest sports fad. If you don?t fancy sitting cradling anything other than the rubber ball, then look for a cup as a reasonable precaution.