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About Lace Valances

Dress your windows with a touch of feminine grace by using lace valance treatments. These lightweight curtains stretch across the top of windows, softening their edges and adding visual interest. Lace valance is quite transparent, allowing you to dress your windows without worrying about blocking out the light. This form of decorating has long been popular among homeowners, leading to a number of vintage lace valance curtains as well as more modern pieces. While most of these lace pieces feature geometric designs, you can find a variety of other images in the fabric, including floral patterns, religious motifs, and lighthouses. Valances vary in length from narrow strips that cover only the top of your window frames to trailing curtains that reach nearly halfway down the wall. This variety makes it easy to find a piece that matches your other window dressings. While white is by far the most common color found in this style of decorating, you'll find ivory, blue, black, and even green lace valance options among eBay's reliable sellers. Treating your windows with lace is a charming way to add an elegant touch to any room, and soon you may see your friends following your lead.

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