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About Lace Socks

Channel your inner Molly Ringwold and don a pair of lace socks with your party heels. Vintage modern is in. These girly and flirty socks can breathe new life into an already fabulous shoe. There are so many styles from which to choose. From boot socks to footies to the more traditional lace ankle socks, reliable eBay sellers have got your feet covered. Lace trim socks are ultra-feminine and a staple in any material girl's wardrobe. The 80s brought with it confidence in its bold fashion sense. Whether you wear your lace socks with trousers and they are your secret, or pair them with a flouncing skirt and a pair of Mary Janes, you will definitely feel a little more feminine and bold as you make your rounds at a party, hail a cab, or just walk around at work. The lace footies that peek out of the shoe's toe make you feel sexy. The longer boot variety gives any cowgirl a pop of feminine flair. The ankle sock takes a page from Molly and Madonna and is always a fun option. Do not be afraid to let your feet in on a little extra fun.