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About Lace Parasols

When brainstorming accessory options, a lace parasol is usually not the first thing to come to mind — and that is exactly why your closet could use one. Make a splash at a garden party or another formal summertime event by pairing a breezy neutral-colored dress with a handmade ivory cotton parasol with delicate lace panels, a wooden handle and shaft, and sturdy metal ribs. If you are searching for a unique bridal accessory, whether for yourself or your bridesmaids, a parasol is a fresh change of pace from the norm. Styles available in the vast inventory on eBay include ones made from bamboo wood and featuring Chinese characters meaning "May all your life be safe and smooth," adding a special touch to your big day. For true Victorian style, choose an intricate Battenburg lace pattern in crisp white. Battenburg lace was developed in the 1800s in England and gets its distinct look from a combination of hand stitching and machine-woven tapes. If bold pinup or goth fashions are more your speed, stand out in a black lace parasol paired with red lips and cat-eye eyeliner. However you choose to set the trends, set them your way — whether your way is elegant, whimsical, or a little on the dark side.