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About Lace Doily

The creator of the first doily must have had snowflakes in mind when conceiving the delicate design. With the same intricate patterns and varied edges, each one is exquisite, and like snowflakes, no two lace doilies are exactly alike. A handcrafted white lace doily lends charm to a nightstand, end table, dinner table, or dresser. Placed underneath a candle, a vase, or a delicate figurine, these decorative lace pieces protect surfaces and offer timeless elegance at the same time. With their unique shape and an ability to hold dye well, the sky is the limit for crafting with doilies. Sewn together, doilies create beautiful table runners or wall hangings, and they make lovely trimmings for bedspreads, quilts, pillows, and fabric baskets. Creative crafters and other shoppers looking for lace doilies appreciate the vast selection offered on eBay, whether desiring a round, oblong, rectangular, square lace doily, or a package full of assorted shapes and sizes. Fashioned from simple white lace, dyed, or embellished with an embroidered design, doilies make any home appear more elegant.