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About Lace Collars

The gentle curls of fabric exude class, status, something exquisite and elite from a day gone by. The lace collar has been worn prominently over the past three centuries, often denoting significant expense?a sign of the elite. Carefully sewn fabric and symmetrical stitching, the most authentic of it done by hand, impresses collectors of antique clothing and outerwear, and a vintage lace collar most certainly augments any correlating period costumes. Reliable sellers on eBay have listed numerous styles of lace collar for your perusal, some new, and many gently used antiques. No matter your reason for seeking one, you?ll find that the immaculate stitching and intricate designs that make up the fabric an impressive sight to behold. Anything so particular as an antique lace collar is rarely available in a market driven by mass consumption and production. Indeed, the sheer rarity of lace lends it a hint of the subtly exotic, something unexpected until seen, upon which it conveys pleasant nostalgia.

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