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About Labradorite

The colorful, peacock shimmer of labradorite is beautiful against any skin tone and as an accent to any decor. This feldspar mineral is located in mines all around the world and crafted into gorgeous items from a lustrous paperweight crafted from organic chunks of labradorite in the rough to a stunning labradorite pendant. Smooth or faceted labradorite jewelry is most commonly found in silver settings ranging from very simple to highly ornate, and the stone itself ranges in hue from predominantly silvery gray to turquoise blue, warm lavender, and even fiery opal. Such variety means that each labradorite item possesses its own unique character. Found in abundance on eBay in new and previously owned designs, labradorite is a celebrated mineral stone in amongst metaphysical healers and enthusiasts. The Inuits of the north believed labradorite to be solid pieces of the Aurora Borealis that had fallen from the sky, and with its shimmering and lively multicolor opalescence, who could blame them? Its otherworldly beauty is mesmerizing enough to convince even skeptics.