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About Label Makers

If it's yours, you may as well put your name on it—especially if you have pesky officemates, roommates, or classmates. This is where a label maker comes in. These deceptively simple devices make it easy to put your own stamp on almost everything you own. One way to do it is with a Dymo label maker. While the company makes a variety of products, it's probably best known for embossed label makers, which produce raised letters on adhesive plastic tape. These labels are very long-lasting, and have the added advantage of being easily detected by touch: You can almost read the label with your fingers. You can also buy other models, such as the Brother P-Touch, which lets you create your own laminated labels that you can attach to almost any flat surface. Other printers use adhesive paper labels that are great for files and addresses. Shop on eBay to find the right label maker for you, where reliable sellers offer new and used label maker machines. Take a moment to put your own stamp on things.