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About La Mer Cream

Your mother has long sworn by La Mer Cream and has been a diligent user of it since it first became available to the public. She loves the way that the product infuses moisture into her skin, giving it a silky smooth texture and a radiant look. Recently, you decided to purchase some La Mer Moisturizing Cream from one of the reliable sellers on eBay and have become intrigued with the product line yourself. Because of your newfound enthusiasm, both you and your mother have decided to try their newest addition to the product line, called La Mer Body Cream, and you?ve fortunately found a reliable seller who offers the product at a great value. You were surprised (yet thrilled) that the seller offered the product in a nice lot of five 150ml tubes. These brand-new products arrived in great condition and in their original packages, making you and your mother happy to know that you?ve found a reliable source for all of your skin care product needs.