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About La Martina

Unparalleled style and a classy sporting look define the polo world, which oozes sophistication and upper-class sensibility. When you want to tap into that classic style, La Martina clothing, the official supplier of the Argentinean Polo Association and a brand dedicated to the classic elegance and style of the sport, is the place to turn. A high-end line of leisure and athletic clothing, La Martina polos, shirts, and other staples, made exclusively for men, often bear the emblems of Argentina's teams and identify you as a proud fan. Also specializing in polo equipment and gear, La Martina shoes, boots, saddles, and helmets are also an important line for amateur and aspiring polo players. Explore the different aspects of La Martina's style by shopping the large selection on eBay. The elegance of polo is about more than horses and green grass. It is about sportsmanship and grace, values that you can wear as well as live.

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