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About Kyocera Brio

Do you remember when phones were just for making calls? The Kyocera Brio is a compact, no-frills phone for those people who do not know what 3G is and who think an Ice Cream Sandwich sounds delicious. Released in 2011, the Sprint Kyocera Brio offers a comfortable QWERTY keyboard for easy text messaging, good call quality, and little else. It is a phone for making phone calls. Pick up a Kyocera Brio car charger, and your Brio is the perfect phone for slipping into the glove box in case of an emergency on long journeys. It is also the perfect phone to give to Nana, just in case she needs to call on someone. Of course, being an older phone, the Kyocera Brio is no longer available in stores, but you can still grab one from one of the many reliable sellers on eBay, who also offer those vital chargers and protective cases you need to keep the phone in working order.

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