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About Kyanite

A lady likes to stand out from the crowd and having unique jewelry is a great way to do that. Anyone can have diamonds or pearls, but not everyone has Kyanite. The deep blue color is gorgeous and anyone wearing it is sure to stand out in a crowd. Wear something as simple as a Kyanite pendant on a chain. String together some Kyanite beads for a gorgeous long necklace or bracelet. Want something even more unique? Bring your rough Kyanite to a jeweler and have them add other stones to make some gorgeous teardrop earrings. This gem is also perfect for anyone interested in Feng Shui or what crystals mean. Kyanite is the only stone that does not absorb any negative energy. It encourages balance and calmness. Kyanite is perfect for the Feng Shui lover to place in their bedroom as it brings peace and healing powers. Reliable sellers on eBay make owning a stone as unique and healing as Kyanite possible. Heal and calm your life while looking gorgeous.