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About KX 250 Plastics

You savagely twist the throttle as your bike hurtles into the air, clumsily landing your bike at an angle and denting the bodywork on a tree. Motocross is an exhilarating sport, but even the most skilled Kawasaki rider needs some new KX250 plastics eventually. The Kawasaki KX range of motocross bikes has been available since the 1970s and proved popular around the world. With smooth lines and a trademark bright green finish, the bike looks the part too, so it can be a real shame when you eventually damage the bodywork during a harsh day on the track. A KX250 plastic kit usually comprises of front and rear fenders, shrouds, and a plate holder, as they are the parts most at risk from cosmetic damage. They can be quickly bolted into place so you can quickly replace your cracked or damaged plastics with only rudimentary mechanical skill. If you have a more recent KXF series bike, you can find KX250F plastic kits too, modified to fit the larger 4-stroke bikes chassis. Whether you are looking for KX250 plastics, graphics, parts, or spares, you can find a huge range of bike related components on eBay from trusted sellers.

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