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About Kuryakyn

Imagine bike week in Daytona, and the 800-mile drive to get there. When taking the hog out for a long jaunt, look for Kuryakyn products to make for a more comfortable, better looking, and reliable ride. With Kuryakyn highway pegs, shift with ease, control, and with less vibration to keep your joints happy and healthy. Enjoy the ride without engaging all the bumps in the road along the way. Many reliable sellers on eBay proffer up Kuryakyn grips too. Find unique looks that set your bike apart with the Kuryakyn product lines. Enjoy more comfort, a good look, while having the reliable shifting with pegs and grips that suit your style. Seek out and you might just find some new designs for your grip end caps. Imparting bits of customization on your bikes is just one way to make your bike an extension of your character and personality. Many convenient shipping options provide a more efficient shopping experience.