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About Kung Fu Panda

Some pandas are born with a destiny, and Po knows that his destiny is not to spend the rest of his days in his father’s noodle shop. "Kung Fu Panda" tells the story of Po, a panda who has to balance living up to his father’s expectations with his own desire to become a Kung Fu master. He spends his free time playing with action figures of the Furious Five and dreaming of the days when he, too, can fight by their side. When the time comes to select the Dragon Warrior, Po is determined to see one of his idols battle each other for the title. Riding a firecracker, he crashes into the middle of the arena. To the dismay of the Furious Five, Po is chosen as the Dragon Warrior. Before he can save the Valley of Peace, Po must gain the acceptance of the Five and, more importantly, come to believe in himself. "Kung Fu Panda" is sure to please kids and adults alike. Buy a new or pre-owned DVD or Blu-ray on eBay, or if you already own the movie and its sequel, pick up the "Kung Fu Panda" toys so that your child can play along with Po.